Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

For a Fitness Session (Boxing for Fitness)
Our prices start from $95 onwards for 1-1!
For a Technical Boxing Session,
Our prices range from $120 onwards!

Our answer is a resounding yes! Complete beginners are welcome to join our Boxing Sessions and we will run through the basics in order for you to punch your way to the best workout you’ll ever get!

For Fitness sessions, the primary focus would be working up a sweat in a fun and women-tailored environment! In our Technical Boxing Sessions, you will receive a PERSONALISED 8-session programme plan crafted specially for YOU in order to refine and improve on your Boxing skills, and get the chance to work with our Technical Boxing Coaches in an environment where we’re both trying to improve as a Boxer and a Coach!


The sessions will be held at YOUR convenience!  Our Coaches along with your help and input will determine a suitable location for the session to be carried out! 
This could range from the neighbourhood parks to the shelter just around the corner!

Are we the best for you?

We specifically tailor our sessions in order to ensure that women have the most fun in them, which also simultaneously helps them tone up in “problem” areas such as arms and legs!

In addition, our Boxing Wonders Coaches who are bound to meet you with a big smile, also have prior experience and are trained to work specifically with women!
Rest assured that you will be comfortable with any one of our Friendly Coaches, and that we will push you to your absolute best!

Definitely not! We encourage all women from all walks of lives from your 20s to 60s to join us in our fitness sessions! Whether you’re coming from a sedentary lifestyle or you’re already a gym rat at Spin Gyms etc, we welcome you with open arms

Whilst this is defnitely possible, we do urge you to try out our Boxing for Fitness Sessions first beforehand, in order to try out Boxing and attain some basics before attending Technical Boxing Sessions with our Coaches. However, this is entirely possible! You can in fact join us for our Technical Boxing Sessions with 0 experience!

You can opt for a 1 Session Package with Coaches Bryan / Shoba,
After the first session is over, we will analyse and assess your level of Boxing, and personally create a programme plan for you! Do note that for Technical Boxing, we provide only 1 package!
(8 Sessions in 4 Weeks)

Just wanna hop into your first session?

Drop us a Whatsapp text and we'll help you to arrange it!