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Learn about who we are, and barriers we're here to break

A friend of mine came to me to shed light on the experience she had about Boxing.

"It was boring, all we did was punch the bag and I wasn't in the slightest bit entertained. Additionally, I felt like a fish out of water, like i was getting judgemental looks from everyone. Like i didn't belong. It made me feel really insecure."

Imagine the shock on my face. Boxing and Boring? The feeling of insecurity in a Boxing Session?

In my mind, Boxing was the thing that brought me some of my greatest fun, and the thing that built my self-confidence from 0.

Therefore, I decided to rebrand Boxing Wonders to:

"Singapore's #1 Boxing for Fitness Sessions tailored for Women at your convenience"

We pride ourselves on our fun Boxing for Fitness Sessions where we help you build your confidence, lose weight, tone up, and stay active!

Imagine this, You've finally found a new hobby which entertains you with loads of fun, builds your self-confidence, and helps you stay active..

just wanna hop into your first session?

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